Get All Your Testing Questions Answered During Our Live AMA
Test and Monitor | Posted April 12, 2018

It’s no mystery that testing is essential for your organization’s success. Whether it’s a seemingly harmless glitch, or an outage that lasts for hours flaws in your software can cost your company time and money. After all, in today’s world a complicated UI can (and will) lose you customers.

Keeping up with everything your organization should be testing, best practices and the latest trends can be overwhelming. But what better way to get the scoop on what’s new in the world of testing than to learn from your peers? That’s why we’re hosting Ask Me Anything: Why Testing Matters on YouTube Live!

Join us on Wednesday, April 18th at 10 AM EDT to learn about this year’s biggest testing trends, best practices, and more from our experts, Jeff Martin, Director of Product Management & Operations & Temil Sanchez, Sales Engineer.

In the meantime, start brainstorming those questions! And when you’ve got one submit it in advance by commenting on this blog post, or tweeting at us!

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