GeekSpeak with Scott Barber: Rosie Sherry

People always seem to be asking me if I still learn things at software events after having attended over a hundred in the past decade. And they almost always seem surprised to hear that I do still get things from sessions (though admittedly, very often it’s not what the presenter intended me to take from their session), what I get the most from is interacting with people one-on-one. So recently, it dawned on me that if I’m getting so much out of these one-on-one conversations and so many people don’t seem to grasp how or why, that I should find a way to “package” these conversations and share them.

GeekSpeak is my attempt to do exactly that.

This week, I’m bringing you a conversation that I had with Rosie Sherry during STARWest 2013. Rosie has been a mainstay in the tester information sharing and community building worlds for as long as I can remember. With grass-roots initiatives like TestBash, the Software Testing Club, the Ministry of Testing, TestNinjas, and the Brighton GeekGirls MeetUps, Rosie is probably one of the most commonly known personalities in “Testerland.”

Thinking you’d find the story behind her success with these initiatives as interesting as I do, I asked Rosie to join me for a GeekSpeak session. If you’ve ever wondered about how online communities get started, wanted to know more about who this “Rosie Sherry” person is, or are simply wondering what in the world I’m talking about, you’ll want to tune into this week’s episode of GeekSpeak.

About Rosie

Most of Rosie Sherry’s professional career has been within the software testing industry. In 2007 she started the Software Testing Club, which has evolved into a fabulous community of software testers that she is “somewhat humbled to be able to lead.”

Her current focus is on growing the software testing community which she does mostly through an online community, software testing events/conferences and publishing useful things at Ministry of Testing.

Rosie also work with a number of companies who like to market their products and services to her community through a mixture of advertising and (social media) marketing.

Rosie online: Personal Blog | Software Testing Club | Twitter

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