Follow along with 24 hours of DeXter
Test and Monitor | Posted October 24, 2005

Tonight at 8:15 PM, Atanas and I will be talking about the latest cool stuff in AQtime during Borland's 24 hours of DeXter webcast. Here is a link to the stream and some screenshots of the new stuff so you can follow along.

MP3 Archive

AQtime DeXter integration screenshots:

Fig 1: AQtime is fully integrated in the DeXter IDE. To start profiling your application,. select Run with Profiling
Fig 2: Select profiling options
Fig 3: Run your application
Fig 4: View profiling summary
Fig 5: View profiling results
Fig 6: Results integrated into the DeXter editor
Fig 7: Right click on a routine/class in the editor to profile it
Fig 8: View results in the editor for the routine/class
Fig 9: All AQtime panels are available from the Profile Windows menu
Fig 10: Right click on a routine to navigate to the profiling results
Fig 11: View parent child details
Fig 12: View call graph
Fig 13: View call tree
Fig 14: View disassembler (Native and .NET)
Fig 15: Use the Allocation profiler to find memory leaks
Fig 16: Full call stack view lets you to go straight to the line of code where the leak occurred