Flashback: Our Favorite Sessions from SmartBear Connect 2017
Test and Monitor | Posted April 30, 2018

In case you missed it, we recently announced our annual user conference, SmartBear Connect! This year, SmartBear Connect will be held in Boston’s Back Bay from October 29-30th. Before directing all our attention forward to this October, we thought it would be fun to look back to last year’s conference and revisit some of our favorite sessions.

Software-as-a-Service: Inception, Testing and Production Monitoring


Everbridge’s critical event management platform relies on SmartBear tools during the entirety of their API development lifecycle. In this session, SK Bhachech highlights the roles that SmartBear’s API tools play in allowing Everbridge to build, test, and monitor their APIs, which are relied upon in crucial—sometimes life-threating—situations.

Watch the full presentation to understand how Everbridge relies on Swagger tools, ReadyAPI, and AlertSite to ensure the quality and performance of their APIs in critical situations.

How to Succeed When Moving Beyond Manual Testing

In this session, Carson Underwood from O’Reilly Automotive reviews how to approach an organization’s transition into automated testing. Planning is essential in not only creating the proper framework for your team to succeed in automated testing, but also in weeding out unrealistic expectations.

In these slides, learn more about how to create the appropriate test standards for your organization, evaluate and maintain automated tests, and synergize manual and automated tests, rather than having them work in opposition of each other.

Moving from HPE ALM to SmartBear QAComplete: Why and How


“Tooling shouldn’t dictate your process; you should dictate your process.”

Adaptability is one of the main reasons why QA Architects from a large entertainment company made the switch to QAComplete from HPE ALM. Another reason they chose SmartBear? Integration. QAComplete allows for easy integration with other products, such as JIRA, and automation tools. Finally, another critical reason their organization made the switch was support. Here at SmartBear, we work with customers to understand their problems and help them achieve their software goals.

Watch the full session to understand the full benefits of SmartBear’s QAComplete.

These presentations offer just a small peek into last year’s conference – check out the rest of the sessions here.

If these speakers have inspired you to think about your own experience with developing, testing, deploying, and monitoring applications and APIs, you might be interested in sharing your story at this year’s conference! Apply to be a speaker here. However, don’t think too long; the deadline to apply to be a speaker is May 15th.


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