Expressing Value in Software Testing
Test and Monitor | Posted March 28, 2014

The constant struggle of software testing teams being forced to (or feeling the need to) prove their worth to the stakeholders of a project is an issue that has been at the forefront of this industry for decades.

Last week I had the privilege of sitting down with Keith Klain, Chief Operating Officer at Doran Jones and Executive at Large at the Association for Software Testing, to talk about his experience as a test manager. Klain is an advocate of context-driven testing who has previously spoken out against the use of "unverified claims" in testing, so I wanted to get his thoughts about the techniques that testing teams are using to indicate their value and whether or not quantitative metrics should play any role in that process.

Watch the video below to hear Klain's response to my question about expressing the value of software testing to management, a topic he is speaking about at TestBash in London today.

What do you think of Klain's response? What information have you personally found to be most useful for conveying the value of your testers? Is this really even a necessary task? Leave a comment below to make your case.

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