[Event] APIs as a Part of your Product Portfolio: The Key to Success in the API Economy
Test and Monitor | Posted September 29, 2017

It is time to start thinking about APIs as first class members of your product portfolio

Application Programming Interface (APIs) are allowing regular applications to transition into the platform age, unlocking new capabilities, business opportunities and revenue stream opportunities. Organizations are already thinking of transformative ways to drive value, adoption and monetization by leveraging APIs.

However, in today’s day and age, a big challenge for executives as well as developers is how best to leverage the opportunities presented in the API economy. With the array of new technologies like the OpenAPI, Swagger and GraphQL, to the various ecosystems APIs can tap into to drive monetization, there’s a lot of complex decisions that need to be thought through. This is why good product management skills are needed to drive an API from an idea to a full-fledged monetizable product. To unlock the full potential of APIs, they must prioritize APIs within their product portfolio and develop a strong API strategy.

Unlock the full power of APIs.

On Wednesday October 4th, join us at The PorterShed in Galway at 6PM to get a deeper look at the current landscape of the API economy and how to think about product strategy in the context of APIs. Gain key insights on OpenAPI Specification, the open source Swagger tooling and SwaggerHub to ensure high-quality and consistent API consumption that drives adoption.

We will cover:

  • The current landscape of the API economy
  • How to think about the product strategy necessary for a successful API
  • Using OpenAPI Specification and open source Swagger tooling to ensure high quality, consistent API experiences

The speaker for the presentation is our very own Keshav Vasudevan. Keshav is the Product Marketing Manager of the open source Swagger framework, and SwaggerHub, at SmartBear Software. He helps communicate the value of definition driven API development to the software ecosystem and developer community. He is responsible for the product marketing strategy and execution of Swagger based products, translating product value into actionable recommendations to help teams succeed in the API economy.

Save the Date: Wednesday October 4th, join us at The PorterShed in Galway at 6PM

This event is run in association with ITAG and The PorterShed.



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