Empower Developers to Build Quality In

Peter Antman, one of the presenters at MeetUI 2013, had a great presentation about how you can better integrate quality assurance into your development processes. Using techniques from Toyota’s Lean methodology, he claims that by empowering the developer to be able to stop the entire production line when a defect is found, you increase the overall quality and productivity of the team.

Further, he shares his thoughts on “fixing broken windows,” which stems from how New York City managed to decrease overall crime rate by cleaning up regular trash. By implementing a similar mindset into your development team you can decrease the amount of “lazy bugs” that slip through.

Watch Peter's entire presentation here, or take a look at his slides on our Slideshare.com page:

For further reading you can download Peter Antman’s eBook “Build Quality In – Stop the Line.About the presenter: Peter Antman has a passion for improving how we build software together. Currently he is coaching companies doing agile transformations as a consultant at Crisp. He has a background as Head of Development of Atex Polopoly where he enjoyed building large scale test environments. He was also one of the early comitters to the JBoss project. Connect with Peter on Twitter.  

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