Double Rainbow! SmartBear Wins Two 2014 Jolt Awards
Test and Monitor | Posted June 05, 2014


Excuse us for one minute while we do a little happy dance.

[Pause for vigorous dancing]

The SmartBear team has once again been honored with two Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Awards. This year, SoapUI Pro took home the top Jolt Award for continuous improvement and overall quality. TestComplete won the Jolt Productivity Award for advancements in the mobile testing for iOS and Android.

APIs were a huge part of the conversation this year. SoapUI still reigns as the most used API testing tool in the world (6 million downloads). Jolt judges determined that when working with multiple versions of larger APIs, the additional automation, integration, security testing and reporting features in SoapUI Pro totally justify the investment in the Pro version. Read more.

TestComplete is no stranger to the final round of the Dr. Dobbs Jolt Awards, making this the fourth award in as many years. As the tool continues to evolve, however, it’s rewarding to see feedback on new capabilities. With the introduction of the mobile module in 2014, this quote in particular brought a big grin to our faces:

The biggest improvements in [TestComplete 10] are in the mobile module, which includes support for both Android and iOS native applications and provides full object access for instrumented applications. (Windows 8 and 8.1 store apps are also supported.) By this means, you can script test your apps at the object level.

Read more.

The introduction of Xamarin by Dr. Dobbs couldn’t have come at a better time! Check out the “Testing Xamarin Apps” webinar on June 18 at 1pm EDT to learn about TestComplete’s Xamarin testing compatibility.

As you can tell, we’re excited to have received awards for our API and mobile testing solutions. Our customers have made these domains a priority and so have we.

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