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Test and Monitor | Posted November 28, 2018

When I was asked to speak at the STC 2018 conference in Bangalore, I came to it with a lot on my mind. What specifically should I address? Should I talk about behavior driven development (BDD), service virtualization, or even the impact of AI on quality assurance. Maybe look at one of the industry verticals we address?  How about open banking and APIs… or test automation in the healthcare sector. All of these topics are areas where SmartBear is a player.

And that’s not surprising. Because as I look at the software market, I find that you can identify companies that are known as being either innovative or being ambitious. Innovative companies are those that build new technologies in-house, addressing problems in ways that no one ese has thought of.  Ambitious companies are those that get there by acquisition. The good news is that SmartBear is the rare company that is both. That’s great, but that did not help me narrow down the range of topics. But I arrived at a topic that I think spans most of these items. It incorporates agile, DevOps, and CI/CD. Furthermore, it’s as applicable for banks as it is for healthcare, insurance, or retail.

My topic is “A DevOps Approach to QA: Leveraging Containerization to Accelerate Quality Assurance Workflows.”

Here’s why: One of the most compelling technologies to impact IT organizations in the past 3 years is containerization. We’ve been seeing DevOps teams leverage containerization as a central pillar in DevOps workflows. But while development and operations teams are well down the road in implementing containerization, QA teams still often struggle to see its relevance. In this session, I’ll talk about the relevance and promise of containerization to QA, and hopefully provide some ideas on how the promise can be achieved.

As a cutting-edge provider of test automation technologies, SmartBear is uniquely positioned to help enterprises overcome the challenges and maximize the benefits of containerization in QA organizations. I plan to highlight solutions for QA teams (underpinned by SmartBear tools of course) that will show how these teams can accelerate testing with their own container-driven pipelines for full-stack test automation, including UI and services testing.

Last year, at STC 2017 I had such an amazing time speaking as part of the confernce (check out the picture below!) and I am excited to be back again this year, at 15.20-15.50 on day 1, December 6th. 



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