Bringing Dev & Test Together to Resolve Common Selenium Testing Challenges [Infographic]
Test and Monitor | Posted April 20, 2016

At the start of 2016, SmartBear Software held a special web testing webinar: Web Testing & Selenium: The Current State and Future Possibilities.

More than 640 people showed up to learn about using Selenium for web testing in 2016. During the webinar, we surveyed attendees to learn more about how their teams are composed and to find out how developers and testers are working together to address testing challenges.

We asked about:

  • The ratio of developers to testers on development teams
  • The percentage of testing being done by developers
  • The most commonly used IDEs on development teams

You can see the full results from the survey in the infographic below. You can find out about seven solutions for common challenges associated with web testing with Selenium.

Check it out!


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