DejaClick for Google Chrome is Here!
Test and Monitor | Posted October 15, 2013

Yes, that's right, you heard it, DejaClick has come to Chrome and it’s now available for free in the Chrome Store.

This is our first public beta of the DejaClick for Google Chrome and we are eager to get it into the hands of users to get some real world experience.  Why Chrome?  Google Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure web browser built for the modern web, according to Google. First released in the fall of 2008, Chrome's user base has grown to make it the #1 browser worldwide measured by share of web traffic.

Let's just look at the growth trajectory of Chrome from 2008 until now. While the last month or two has seen some strengthening in IE traffic, Chrome's trend is undeniable.


There are lots of reasons for this amazing growth. Um…Google's ubiquity for one.  And let's give credit where credit is due. Google Chrome is fast, clean and minimalistic from a design perspective, secure, and frequently updated. Chrome also differentiates itself through their extensive Chrome Web Store, which offers thousands of free and paid apps (like DejaClick!) that provide both fun and functionality to the user. But perhaps its secret weapon is unifying the Google experience by granting access to Google services across all of its users’ devices.

This marketplace shift away from IE and Firefox toward Chrome has not fallen on deaf ears at AlertSite. While Firefox once ruled the roost with techie, savvy users — that community is waning.  We want to be ahead of the curve and while we introduced support for Chrome playback support last year, today we are delivering a native DejaClick client for Chrome.


And yet, this is only the beginning…

In a few months we will be releasing the native Chrome playback on our monitoring network. This will provide the same tightly coupled experience that we provide with Firefox today for Chrome. Although some of the advanced features of DejaClick for Firefox are not yet available with Chrome, it is now a fully capable web transaction recorder for creating the web performance monitoring you need to ensure your users are having great online user experiences.

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