Cyber Monday Web Performance Update
Test and Monitor | Posted December 04, 2013

Online retailers are definitely off to a great start this holiday shopping season. Yesterday morning North American page views per minute topped 10 million and despite the increase over the last couple of days the top 50 retailers continued to deliver strong website performance.

The graphs below show Cyber Monday first paint and above the fold times for each of the 50 retailers’ home pages in comparison to the last three Mondays preceding Cyber Monday (11/11 – 11/18 – 11/25) times:


Our data revealed as we moved toward the holiday traffic surge there were little disturbance in terms of Web performance and availability. The home pages held strong on Cyber Monday just as they did on the three previous Mondays. There has been a 5% increase in First Paint time and a 1% decrease in Above the Fold time and the majority of the sites showed availability in the high range of 99%.

It seems like online retailers took the necessary actions to prepare their sites for the holiday season in order to avoid a Cyber Monday disaster. To ensure that your website experiences similar success this holiday season check out Smartbear’s Chief Evangelist Scott Barber’s 5 principles to performance success below:

  1. Get everyone to do their part by ensuring they spend at least a few minutes every day testing, monitoring and/or tuning performance
  2. Ensure that everyone has the support tools and environments they need to do their part
  3. Have everyone give an update on performance at every status meeting
  4. Don’t consider any story or iteration to be “done” until performance is tested, characterized, and deemed production worthy
  5. Never assume — Test and monitor

We’ll continue to monitor and report on the performance of the top 50 retailers’ sites throughout the holiday season.

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