SmartBear Brings Cross-Browser Test Automation to the Masses with the Launch of Record & Replay
Test and Monitor | Posted April 11, 2018

What's the Scoop?  

We are excited to announce the recent addition of Record & Replay to CrossBrowserTesting! CrossBrowserTesting is the only all-in-one testing platform for running automated, visual, and manual tests on thousands of real desktop and mobile browsers. Now, with Record & Replay, adding test automation into your QA efforts couldn’t be easier. 

Currently a Manual Tester Looking to Get into Automation?  

We keep hearing about the “shift left,” and it is apparent that everyone is being asked to take part in the QA process regardless of title—from developers and testers to designers and product managers. Additionally, while automation engineers have skill sets that are required to be comfortable with automating UI tests… many manual testers don’t. And that’s why CrossBrowserTesting introduced Record & Replay, so everyone can automate their UI tests like an expert, regardless of what technical background they come from.  

How Does Record & Replay in CrossBrowserTesting Work?  

With Record & Replay, automation is made simple. Begin by recording a manual test, then replay that test on a seemingly endless selection of browsers. Not only does the Record & Replay feature allow you to run tests on multiple browsers, but also editing couldn't be easier. Want to make a change to your username? Simply edit the steps of your previously recorded test with a few clicks. Save time and frustration by removing the need to re-record an entire test. 

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It….  

  • Thomas Newman, Test Manager from MacMillan Cancer Supportsaid, “The Record & Replay functionality in CrossBrowserTesting is so intuitive—my team can get started with automation in seconds. In addition  to its ease of use, I particularly appreciate the vide of the test that is crated, and that you can re-run the test across many browsers without the test breaking. The Record & Replay feature is very helpful for transitioning from manual testing to test automation.”  
  • Mateusz Piasta, QA Lead from Solidbrain who evaluated CrossBrowserTesting as an alternative to creating scripts from scratch notes the tool is “very easy to use and impressive that is succeeded with 90% of the script.”   

 What’s Next?  

This is SmartBear’s first step to innovating on future capabilities for nontechnical users to get into automation with CrossBrowserTesting. Our VP of Products, Test & Development says “After implementing the Record & Replay feature in CrossBrowserTesting, we have received tremendous feedback from our customers—having helped many begin their transition into automation. Looking forward, we are going to continue to invest in feature capabilities that will help our customers scale their automation efforts effectively.” So… get excited and stay tuned! 

SmartBear Recognizes Multiple On-Ramps for Automation   

SmartBear provides the most options for any user of any skill level to leverage the benefits of test automation. From developer, to QA engineer and designer, there is a SmartBear tool for you. For example, 

  • CrossBrowserTesting can be used to run web tests against a cloud-based device lab using intuitive record and replay or by uploading Selenium scripts 

  • TestComplete can be used to test desktop, web, and mobile applications 
  • SoapUI Pro can be used to test REST, SOAP, and other popular APIs and IoT protocols. 
  • TestLeft and TestServer are used to empower all dev-testers to create automated tests from within their IDE.  

Still have questions? Join us for a live webinar tomorrow or by starting a free trial of CrossBrowserTesting today!  



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