Countdown of Our Top Blog Posts of 2018
Test and Monitor | Posted Dezember 12, 2018

This year we shared resources, tools, tips, and tricks on everything from testing and monitoring, to developing and collaborating. In this post, we’ll count down our top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2018.

Let’s start the countdown:

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

10. Embrace the Evolution of Test Automation with Artificial Intelligence


In this blog post, we address the #1 issue software teams have with UI testing and how to overcome it. Learn how object recognition with AI can accelerate your test creation and execution in TestComplete.

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9. How Containers and Docker Are Transforming The World Of Testing

9-containers.JPGOne of the hottest trending topics at tech-trade shows this year has been containers. In this piece, we dive into how containers, together with the open-source tool Docker, can make your software testing process smarter and faster.  

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8. How to Leverage Basic Statistical Methods to Detect Anomalies in Time Series


Anomaly detection can become difficult when dealing with multiple heterogenous applications. In this guide we provide resources and highlight effective ideas and techniques around anomaly detection for you to leverage.

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7. Advantages of Using “Service Virtualization” Over “Mocking”

Mocking-virt-graph-600x359.pngThis guide will teach you how you can leverage virtualization to simplify the process of your load testing, performance testing, and more. It also includes use cases to help you and your team deliver quality applications, faster.

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6. How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love End-to-End Testing

end-to-end-testing-process.jpgDifferent QA roles define end-to-end testing differently, but they all see the value in it. End-to-end testing can improve the efficiency of your tests, reduce the time and cost you put into testing, and increase your application’s productivity. In this post, learn the top-down and bottom-up approaches to build your own end-to-end tests.

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5. 4 Ways Amazon Could Have Prevented the Most "Un-Prime" Day

Prime Day Error Message:


When Amazon’s website struggled to handle the traffic from Amazon Prime Day, they learned a lot about how to better manage and prepare their infrastructure for vastly increased traffic. This blog post dives into the takeaways from Amazon’s most “Un-Prime” Day to help you improve your website’s performance.

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4. APIs are the Key to Open Banking


Open banking was a hot topic of 2018, but what is it and why is it important to you? Overall, it brings better services around financial data. Find out how APIs fit into the open banking buzzle in this blog post.

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3. The 2018 State of Code Review


What’s the #1 way to improve your code quality? Code Review. In our 5th annual State of Code Review, 1100 developers like you taught us how teams across 35 industries are collaborating on their code. The report has benchmarked trends and techniques on the code review process, tool usage, and development trends.

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2. Getting Started With Jenkins and API Testing

d7172f27-0fed-49c3-b07c-fc1be4b891e3-(1).pngWhat is Jenkins and how does it fit into your API testing? This post discusses how Jenkins, the butler of modern software, can make it easier for you to automate your test cases and bring your API testing to the next level.

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1. 4 Essential Strategies for Testing Microservices


In this post, we start small by defining a microservice, then discuss strategies for testing things like the functionality and scalability of your microservice. Your microservice architecture can delivery immense value when coupled with DevOps, and learning how to test your microservices is the first step in achieving that value.

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