Conditional Go-To TestSteps in soapUI
Test and Monitor | Posted September 19, 2012

In this video, Robert Schneider, from WiseClouds, shows us how to use the Conditional Go-To TestStep in soapUI. Using Conditional Go-To TestSteps allows you to branch out the execution of the TestCase and lets you control if you want the TestCase to flow. We can add any conditions we want to Conditional Go-Tos as long as they can result in a boolean and can be expressed with XPath. We can then determine what the next step will be when processing your TestCase.

Check out this six-minute video where Robert guides us through why you should be using Conditional Go-To TestSteps and how you set them up. 




Robert Schneider

About Robert Schneider:

Robert Schneider is a senior consultant for WiseClouds, a SmartBear partner who offers training in using soapUI. He has provided distributed computing, database optimization, and other technical expertise to a wide variety of enterprises in the financial, technology, and government sectors.







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