Community Verdict: Data Sources is the Most Useful Feature in soapUI Pro [Survey Results]
Test and Monitor | Posted July 18, 2012

Our users have had their say about soapUI Pro´s three most useful functions. And to be honest, it wasn’t even close. This is shown in the results from the survey that we put up a few months ago where 273 of you kindly engaged and made your voice heard about what functions you value the most in SoapUI Pro.

Data sources took a smashing victory with 54.8 % of the votes while Point and Click Testing came second. The third place was a much tougher race. Test Coverage managed to pinch the bronze by a hairbreadth in front of the dynamic duo. We´ll give the Outline Editor and the Form Editor a group hug as a consolation price. They deserve it for all the hard work they´re doing behind the scenes.

The second thing we wanted to know was what Pro features in soapUI you haven’t used or what features you did not know existed. More than a third didn’t know about or use Refactoring, the soapUI Pro “Hit a moving target”-feature. The SQL builder was the second least used Pro feature.


We are overwhelmed by all the kind and loving comments that we got from you along with your votes. Such comments encourage us to go to our jobs every day and work even harder on making your testing experience more efficient and effortless.

You inspire us to do a good job, and now we know how to do it even better. Thanks.




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