Code and Document Review Gets More Seamless with Collaborator 11.1
Test and Monitor | Posted August 01, 2017

More intuitive and efficient, Collaborator 11.1 is the latest release from SmartBear Software’s dev collaboration team. As always, we listened to what our users had to say and introduced new features and functionalities to make Collaborator an even more seamless code and document review tool. This latest version features tighter integrations, flexible content archiving, and a new way to create multiple reviews at the start of a project.

Empowered Project Management

In 11.1, we have introduced a new section to the Review Summary screen labeled Remote System Links. This feature enables quick references to project management tools like JIRA; as well as the repository management solutions GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. Our enhanced support for JIRA Issue linking translates to a fast and simple navigation for team members as they move between Collaborator and JIRA.

Learn more: Remote System Links

Simplified Review Creation  

Many Collaborator users create multiple reviews at the start of a project. This ensures that all project artifacts are reviewed by the appropriate people at the right time.  To make this process easier, we have added a Copy button to the Review Summary screen. With the starting point of a previous review, you can add a unique title and copy over participants, custom fields, and review materials.

Learn more: Copying Reviews

Flexible Content Archiving

Now, Collaborator administrators have the ability to archive the content cache. As you know, the Collaborator content cache grows as reviews take place.  To free up space on your storage device, you can choose to archive the files from older reviews.  The reviews will still remain in Collaborator’s database and all of the review details stored. Only the files will be removed. Users will see a message letting them know that the files have been archived by an administrator. This option provides more flexibility as to where you want to keep artifacts for long-term continuity and compliance purposes.

Learn more: Content Cache

Review Subscriptions

Collaborator 11.1 also now supports Review Subscriptions for Templates as well as Review Pool Subscriptions.  This capability makes it easier to ensure that the correct people are participating in reviews.  To learn more about these subscription types, follow these links:

Template SubscriptionsGroup Subscriptions

Other Improvements

Additionally, this latest version of Collaborator includes support for Visual Studio 2017, as well as new features around TFS Changeset selection and Custom Field Due By phases.

To learn more about Collaborator 11.1, you can view the full list of fixes and improvements here.

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