Catch Us at APIStrat 2018
Test and Monitor | Posted September 12, 2018

Next week we’re headed to the API Strategy & Practice Conference, APIStrat, and we couldn’t be more excited. The conference, hosted by the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI), fuels discussions with individuals of all experience levels around the API economy.  The agenda is jam packed with learnings from current opportunities, challenges in the API space, shared experiences, and future projections for the API economy.


With the team behind the original “Swagger” Specification, SmartBear is committed to growing the API economy and supporting open-source initiatives. As a member of the OpenAPI Initiative, we’re thrilled to see the breadth of topics discussed this year, spanning from describing and understanding APIs to APIs transforming a business (and everything in-between).


The SmartBear team will be at the booth, participating in sessions, and leading the sessions, Hands-On Introduction to OpenAPI 3.0, OpenAPI 3.0 Advanced Users' Workshop,  Any Way You Want It: Extending Swagger UI for Fun and Profit, and Keynote: Panel Discussion on the Future of the OpenAPI Spec. Our very own, Ron Ratovsky, Swagger Developer Evangelist, and Kyle Shockey, software engineer for Swagger open-source, will discuss the OpenAPI Spec, the future of OpenAPI, as well as how you can use the Swagger UI to create custom functionality and common use cases for the power that the UI's plugin system provides. 


If you’re headed to Nashville, don’t forget to stop by our booth for some great swag, giveaways, or even just a good conversation. In addition to our giveaways, we’ll dive into demos of our API lifecycle solutions, spanning from SwaggerHub for API Design and development,  ReadyAPI for API testing, ServiceV for service virtualizing, and AlertSite for API monitoring.


See y’all in Nashville!


If you can't make it be sure to follow @SmartBear for live updates from APIStrat 2018.


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