CA Technologies acquires Runscope – What’s Next for the API Economy?
Test and Monitor | Posted September 29, 2017

Yesterday CA Technologies announced its acquisition of Runscope, a SaaS API monitoring solutions provider. In recent years, the API economy has seen explosive growth.  As of today, the ProgrammableWeb lists 16,590 APIs in its database. CA Technologies’ acquisition validates the growing necessity to monitor API performance as a part of the API Lifecycle. As API popularity continues to grow, API teams and DevOps should think about how to monitor how APIs are performing. Here are key factors to keep in mind:

Monitoring Internally, Externally, or Both?

API performance monitoring includes monitoring internal facing APIs as well as external facing APIs. Finding a solution that empowers teams to monitor internally as well as externally will give teams a 360° view of internal and external health. Teams should look to monitor internal APIs that serve your internal customers from within your private network as well as externally, with global monitoring capacity to glean full insight into your end-user experience.

Testing Functional Correctness

Much like the conception of the Internet, when the world evolved from monitoring just URLs to monitoring web applications and user journeys, APIs have to be monitored past simple up/down analyses. Just checking the API endpoint is responsiveness is not enough when your applications depend on APIs. Teams will have to implement solutions that can test the functionality, speed, and correctness of the API call.


Knowing when your APIs are down is essential. Getting alerts when performance starts to deviate is paramount for remediation. Teams can prioritize selecting a solution that can target alerts, not only when an issue arises, but also when performance first begins to degrade is vital for teams to be able to react quickly and accurately. Teams should be able to target alerts to the right individuals and at the right time- false alerts for small deviations, not re-tested, can cause too much noise and cause individuals to ignore alerts over time, so identifying a solution that offers configurable alerts in both notifications and recipients is an important element to keep in mind.

Reusing Assets

Automating processes like performance monitoring, becomes increasingly vital as timelines for development and deployment shrink and pressures grow for developers and operational teams alike. Most teams will not have the time to manually monitor performance, or the money to afford to keep designing new monitors or scripts. As application development cycles are accelerated, new releases are becoming so frequent that the operations team does not have the bandwidth to keep up with rapid changes and make the appropriate modifications to APIs and chained API transactions. By reusing artifacts built by engineers during the development and test cycles, such as SoapUI or Selenium scripts, operations teams are able to quickly react to new releases, automatically deploying re-used scripts to production alongside the code. Synthetic performance monitoring tools bridge the gap between operations, development, and test by providing a standard set of information that is easily understandable.

Integrating with Current Stack

Adding an additional element to an existing product stack can be intimidating, and sometimes difficult. Finding a solution capable of integrating with other products you already use is essential in instrumenting an easy, efficient API performance monitoring solution.

With AlertSite’s synthetic monitoring capabilities, organizations can

  • Proactively monitor API performance and functional correctness
  • Monitor complex chained sequence API transactions
  • Notify teams of bottlenecks and degrading performance
  • Reuse existing functional SoapUI and Selenium scripts
  • Monitor internal, partner, and third-party APIs
  • Implement a cost-effective, rapid deployment solution
  • Integrate with other essential NOC platforms

In a rapidly evolving space such as the API economy, its vital to maximize time and performance. That’s what we’re here for. To learn more about AlertSite’s API Performance Monitoring click here.



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