Break Free from HP - Let SmartBear Set You Free
Test and Monitor | Posted November 11, 2011

As someone in the software development, testing or web performance management trenches, you care about quality and customer satisfaction because you know that it will make your job easier and ensure the success of your software and team. Your company relies on you to develop, test and monitor the best possible applications you can deliver. Sometimes, however, life deals you a hand (or software tools) you'd like to fold, or you've felt things like the choice of which tools to use were out of your control.

Take Back Control

We're kicking off an awareness campaign for users of HP development, testing, load testing, and web performance tools to give them a voice, and more control over their destiny. We're sharing with you, in one location, a number of compelling reasons and alternative solutions to HP from SmartBear you may not have even been aware of, or previously given much thought.

Top 5 Reasons to Break Free from HP

1. Great tools that do the job at a fraction of the cost that thousands of you love and use every day

2. Superior customer service

3. Easy out-of-the-box use

4. Easy to try and buy

5. A supportive community of experts

Check out today and let SmartBear set you free.



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