Boldly Go Where No Monitor Has Gone Before
Test and Monitor | Posted November 10, 2017

In a global economy, businesses are expanding rapidly, reallocating resources, and depending on branches located outside of their headquarters for essential business needs. Almost all of the world’s top 100 non-financial multinational corporations have close to or more than half of their workforces and corporate assets outside of the United States. In fact, some employ nearly 75% of their workers overseas, e.g. Johnson & Johnson (73%), Proctor and Gamble (73%). Companies like Chevron, Johnson & Johnson, and Mondelez have nearly 75% or more of their assets overseas. With the rise of remote offices, connecting your employees is more important than ever. Internally facing applications, which share company information, provide access to resources, and facilitate working in groups, become the bloodline of business success.

Your global employees rely on several mission critical applications to connect with prospects, drive sales, and fuel growth. However, your ability to ensure these applications are highly available and performing well in every location is limited by the monitoring infrastructure in remote office locations. Unlike corporate headquarters, in most remote offices it isn’t feasible to deploy critical virtualization or server resources, making it nearly impossible to deploy monitors that keep a pulse on the health of your applications and glean insight into internal and external user experience in those remote locations. While performance monitoring behind the firewall is not a new concept, many synthetic monitoring tools haven’t evolved to support monitoring applications used in offices with a small IT footprint.  We’ve accepted this performance monitoring challenge to boldly go where no monitoring tool has gone before, and dare you to do the same.

We’ve launched PrivateNode for AlertSite, which provides the flexibility to monitor behind the firewall on a VM, in the cloud, via hardware, or on any device that supports Windows, MacOS, or Linux. PrivateNode offers a lightweight synthetic performance monitoring solution that can be deployed anywhere, on any infrastructure. With something as simple as a laptop, desktop, or even a POS system, you can start monitoring internally facing applications, even in remote locations.

Designed as an extension of the AlertSite global monitoring network, PrivateNode provides the same robust insights including availability, functional correctness, and other performance data in aggregate dashboards and reports from all locations. Performance results are automatically sent to AlertSite and added to the run history for that monitor, viewable right on your dashboard. Our main drive behind PrivateNode is to empower businesses to have the flexibility and ease of monitoring critical assets in locations that don’t fit the standard bill for setting up a performance monitor. To do that we’ve made sure PrivateNode promotes:

  • More flexibility
  • Ease of deployment
  • Low entry cost
  • Tests on demand

Don’t let a lack of server infrastructure hinder you from monitoring critical internal applications. As such a vital part of a company’s global connectivity, internally facing applications and their performance need to be monitored, just as an external application would be.  AlertSite empowers businesses to monitor the performance of their applications both internally and externally to ensure that both end-users and internal users experience the best performance. To learn more about AlertSite’s capabilities check out our website.


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