Make Test Automation Easier and Faster with Native Behavior-Driven Development Support in TestComplete 14.0
Test and Monitor | Posted January 24, 2019

Software testing can be a painstaking task due to time constraints, misalignment, and lack of resources. QA teams often work in siloes, following a culture of ‘hand-offs’, where business analysts handoff feature requirements to designers, who hand off to coders, and then who handoff to quality assurance for testing. More often than not, QA teams spend days converting code to test scripts only to find there was a feature change or finding low priority bugs instead of understanding the application they are testing. This culture has inadvertently encouraged a mindset where quality is not considered at every stage of software delivery.

Many organizations have turned to Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) due to its ability to use plain English syntax called Gherkin to quickly align and accelerate team collaboration across the delivery pipeline, bridging the gap between business, development, and QA teams. Regardless of technical expertise, every stakeholder can create a shared understanding of user requirements, making test automation easier and faster.

Previously, test scenarios written following BDD practices had to be written in code or test scripts in an entirely separate step in TestComplete, opening another window for misalignment and leaving implementation and maintenance to a limited group of technical teammates. Now, test cases written using the Gherkin syntax can be created and leveraged in one tool with a seamless workflow. Non-technical users such as business analysts can create test scenarios in Gherkin inside TestComplete, and then easily convert them to automated UI functional tests without the need for additional plug-ins or third-party tools. With the industry leading object recognition and Record & Replay technology found in TestComplete, these tests scripts can then be easily maintained by a technical or non-technical user.


This release also includes a seamless integration with HipTest, the only native BDD collaborative platform to define test cases and generate living documentation. With HipTest and TestComplete, SmartBear is leading innovation for BDD test automation, improving collaboration across stakeholders, and enabling organizations to move toward faster and higher-quality software delivery.

Imagine avoiding all the QA scenarios where misalignment has led to unnecessary defect categories: ambiguous design, incorrect requirements, or missing development. With a seamless end-to-end test automation for your BDD process, teams can reduce waste, find defects earlier, and deliver value faster. The benefits are countless and the cost savings are even more.

Other enhancements in TestComplete 14.0 include a native integration with Jenkins Pipeline in addition to Freestyle to accelerate your CI/CD pipeline, support for web testing components such as Shadow DOM and custom elements, and faster API and UI testing directly from TestComplete. Native BDD support and other enhancements in TestComplete will optimize test automation efforts for all teams thereby paving a more direct and seamless path to Agile and DevOps.

Join our live webinar on January 30th, "Accelerate Continuous Testing with TestComplete," to see test automation for BDD and the new features in action.