Barcelona Speaks Out on APIs, IoT, Hypermedia and More! [Video]

APIdays Mediterranean in Barcelona Spain May 6-7 was far from just another conference. It was a unique experience to have so many talented, passionate, and dedicated professionals all in one place collaborating on APIs, microservices, and hypermedia. I had a chance to chat with Kin Lane, API Evangelist, about how the increase in API surface area is being addressed from a security perspective. Namely, what are people doing to make sure that the data and capabilities they expose through APIs are tested to be safe:

Kin Lane on API Security at APIdays Mediterranea

I also had the unique opportunity to sit next to Steve Klabnik (a.k.a. RUST overlord) who within the first 2 minutes of our conversation whipped out his Linux-powered ThinkPad and conducted most of the rest of our conversation entirely in RUST syntax. If you haven't see this programming language, you may want to reserve your next working lunch to watch this video on it.

Building Cities with API's

But the theme of the conferences wasn't just APIs, it was how the APIs we're building propel us further into the future. My "aha" moment was when Luis Borges Quina of APIdaze shared how many open civil APIs are available in Barcelona...and now I want to live there. Barcelona, aside from being beautiful for the scenery, is gorgeous to the high-tech community for it's forward-thinking attitude on open governance. Just ask Mark Boyd from ProgrammableWeb; Barcelona is the next API silicon valley.

For my presentation, I spoke about how Virtual APIs can significantly impact your team's ability to work independently and collaborate more when it makes sense. When a developer or operations person has to reboot a server, how does that impact testing and front-end design efforts? Why is working over VPN so complicated when it comes to distributed systems? How can going beyond simple mocks and instead providing teams with lightweight API virtualization save you time and money? My slide deck for the presentation is here and I'll post a follow-up including the video when APIdays organizers post it to YouTube.


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