Baby Animals Rule the Internet
Test and Monitor | Posted April 28, 2015

I just read a new report entitled “U.S. Digital Future in Focus 2015" by comScore. It covers the digital media ecosystem, looking at trends over the year.  Some of the most interesting items were:

  • In social media, my favorite item of note is that National Geographic ranked as the #1 Social Brand of 2014 with 579 million total actions.
  • Even with digital media consumption on mobile devices soaring – desktop has actually increased, therefore more people watching more stuff over more platforms.
  • A social network I thought was dead, Myspace, grew 469% to 40 Million visitors since moving to video and music content.
  • Digital video continues to grow with OTT (over-the-top content)  devices like Apple TV and Google Chromecast driving extended engagement of digital video viewing.
  • In eCommerce, people are doing a lot of mobile viewing but not a lot of mobile buying- due in part to friction in the buying process.

So how would I sum this all up?

2014 saw a lot of people on mobile devices watching baby animals and posting them to legacy social network sites. In 2015 I predict more of the same but with more Netflix binges.

For more information about the digital media ecosystem:

2015 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

For pictures of baby animals :

National Geopgraphic

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