Automated Test Case Reporting - QAComplete's Custom Test Harnesses
Test and Monitor | Posted August 05, 2011

A question I hear a lot is, "We see that you can do some pretty fancy reporting of automated test cases if inside of QAComplete when you use TestComplete or HP Quick Test Pro as your automation engine, but I rolled my own automation engine.  Dude -- help me out -- let me get a hold of some cool reporting with my automation engine!"

Alright, I've heard you. The cool thing is that we created our Automation Integration with that kind of request in mind.  Yes, we love TestComplete for automated testing (computer-aided testing to be more exact) but realize that everyone has their favorite (or inherited) tool.  No sweat - since QAComplete's automation integration is driven via web services, you can actually hook your run results up with very little work.

Once it is hooked up, you can get some pretty cool reports that show how many automated test cases have been run over time. You can even slice and dice it by the machine it was run on, date, etc.  Here is a sample dashboard that illustrates that:

You can also slice and dice with grouping and filtering:

OK, so how do you pull this off?  Not a big deal -- I created a video to show you how:





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