AQtime Pro 7.2 Enhances Profiling for Large Applications, Adds Silverlight Support
Test and Monitor | Posted June 23, 2011


Today we released AQtime Pro version 7.2. If you are not an AQtime user yet, it is SmartBear’s all-in-one award-winning application profiler for 32- and 64-bit Windows, .NET, and Java applications. It includes performance, memory, coverage, exception, and a number of other analytics engines and has some great application reporting and diagnostic capabilities. AQtime can also be used as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio or Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder).

This is a maintenance release that fixes several bugs and also includes updates & support for two new technologies: Silverlight and Java 1.7. Here are some highlights of what is new in AQtime 7.2:

  • Support for Microsoft Silverlight 4 applications. AQtime can now profile in-browser Silverlight applications running on a local machine or on a remote computer, as well as out-of-browser Silverlight applications running on your computer. With AQtime’s top to bottom profiling you can get a complete picture of how your .NET & Silverlight applications are performing.
  • Enhancements for Java Support. The AQtime profiling engine has been updated to support the latest version of Java 1.7. Additionally, AQtime can now trace specific Java events, obtain a call stack for Java exceptions, and display this information in the Event View panel.
  • Coverage profiling for large applications. AQtime 7.2 substantially improves performance, capacity, and data merge capability for code coverage profiling for applications comprising a large number of modules.
  • Enhanced interface for Embarcadero RAD Studio. The new Run with Profiling menu provides more flexible and consistent control over the profiling options for custom profiling areas, improving overall usability for the AQtime plugin to the RAD Studio IDE.

Existing customers on maintenance can get the new version of AQtime from their Client Services Portal accounts. If you are interested in starting a new trial or for more information, please visit the AQtime product page: