AQtime 8.2: Improved Sampling Profiler, Windows 8.1 Integration, and Licensing on Hyper-V Servers
Test and Monitor | Posted February 25, 2014

Today, SmartBear is pleased to announce the immediate availability of AQtime version 8.2 - a minor release that includes profiler and platform updates as well as a number of bug fixes. We hope these changes will help you more efficiently optimize your applications with AQtime.

Check out the video or the text below to get more details about the improvements we've made with this most recent release.

Improved Sampling Profiler

The previous version - AQtime 8.10 - included the new Sampling Profiler that allows you to quickly isolate problematic parts of your application in the early stages of application performance optimization. In its original version, the profiler did not collect results for some threads and modules that were created (loaded) in over-enthusiastic, non-typical ways.

In version 8.2, the situation has been improved significantly. Sampling Profiler will no longer miss those threads and modules, allowing you to collect results for them. This increases the amount of collected results and helps the profiler determine the approximate function execution time more precisely. The effect is especially noticeable on large applications and on AQtime projects that include lots of modules.

Support for the latest update of the Windows OS

If you develop applications on Windows 8.1, you can now optimize your applications on the OS using AQTime; there is no need to use another machine for this.

Note that AQtime supports traditional Windows applications. Profiling of Windows Store applications is not currently supported.

Licensing on Hyper-V servers

The licensing modules of earlier AQtime versions detected physical machines with the Hyper-V role enabled as virtual machines. In AQtime 8.2, the machine identification procedure has been improved, giving you the ability to activate AQtime licenses on physical machines with the Hyper-V role enabled.

Minor Bug Fixes

Of course, we’ve also fixed bugs reported by our customers: non-working excluding areas for the Resource Profiler, incorrect values of the Live Count metric after calling the FormatMessage and LocalFree functions in the profiled application and some others. You can find a complete list on our website.

The update to AQTime 8.2 is free for users that have a Maintenance subscription. You can find the download link in the My SmartBear  portal of our website.

Thank you for the faith and confidence you have placed in SmartBear and our QA technologies.

Download a Free Trial of AQTime 8.2

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