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Test and Monitor | Posted October 26, 2006

AutomatedQA starts beta testing soon for TestComplete 5 - the next version of our industry acclaimed automated testing tool for Win32 and .NET applications. This new version includes many exciting new features and enhancements that will help you create more powerful and thorough tests and organize the testing process better.

The beta test application link is at the end of this post.

Here's a list of some of the new and enhanced features:

  • Windows Vista support
    • Ability to record and play back scripts under Windows Vista.
    • Support for the UI Automation technology.
    • Testing WPF (XAML) applications.
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 support

    With TestComplete 5 you can perform web testing of pages displayed in Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.

  • Support for popular third-party menu components

    Version 5 provides specific properties that let you simulate user actions and work with items of the most popular third-party menu components by Microsoft, Borland, Developer Express, Component One, Janus, Infragistics and Syncfusion.

  • Testing applications under different user accounts

    With TestComplete 5 you can easily run and test applications running under different user accounts. For example TestComplete running under a certain user account can test applications running under another user account.

  • User forms In TestComplete version 5 you can visually create user-defined forms to be displayed during the test execution. Over 20 built-in controls let you, for example, create a form asking testers to select one of possible testing scenarios or to specify initial test conditions. With the powerful form editor (similar to form editors in Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland Delphi) you can even create event handlers to implement complex processing.

  • Improved Name Mapping
    • The Name Mapping engine of TestComplete 5 provides special property templates that are used to recognize Win32, .NET, VCL and other objects. Instead of specifying properties and their values manually, you can now simply select a template.
    • The improved Name Mapping engine includes an enhanced concept of aliases. With aliases you can create a custom tree of mapping items. Using this feature you can make your scripts more readable and comprehensive.
    • In earlier versions of TestComplete, you could specify constant values for properties that were used for object recognition. Now you can link a property value to a project variable. This feature opens a new way to handle mapping settings.
  • Easy coverage testing and improved integration with AQtime

    TestComplete 5 provides better integration with AQtime. The improvements concern not only scripting objects, but also TestComplete's user interface. Now, in the Tested Applications editor, you can specify whether a tested application will be run under AQtime.

  • Test items parameters

    With version 5, a test item can refer to a routine that has parameters. TestComplete then provides a special dialog, in which you can specify the parameter values needed for the run.

Also, TestComplete 5 includes new improved scripting objects, supports four run modes for tested applications (Simple, RunAs, Debug and Profile), offers better support for .NET and Java applications, window-relative low-level procedures, and much more. You can find a complete list of changes at

Apply for the beta test for a chance to get a first look at the new stage of our product evolution!  For a chance to participate, please fill in the survey at to send it to AutomatedQA's support team. We'll process your request and notify you of the results when the beta starts.


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