API Testing and Monitoring - SmartBear Launches API Complete
Test and Monitor | Posted May 16, 2012



Yesterday we announced general availability of our API Complete capability. API Complete is a solution set that drives quality and collaboration from development through testing and operations for APIs and Web services. This is an effort I am personally incredibly proud of as it delivers on our mission to bridge the DevOps divide by providing tools that work together using a common set of development, testing and performance monitoring assets.


API Testing and Monitoring

API Complete leverages 3 SmartBear products:

  • soapUI  — the world’s most popular API and Web Services testing tool for developers and QA analysts to create scripted and validated interactions with APIs like SOAP, REST, JSON, JMS, etc.
  • loadUI — API and Web Services load testing technology with a really innovative user interface and performance statistics workbench; and
  • API Monitoring — an AlertSite API performance monitoring capability that supports running soapUI TestCases on SmartBear’s global network of over 80 locations for operational monitoring

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APIs have become the lingua franca of how we connect different application domains today and how we publish our services to users who are trying to integrate or automate.

Cloud, Mobile, SOA, social networking, mashups and consumerization of IT have made APIs so prevalent that it feels like this is the biggest shift since HTTP.

Manage APIs with Same Care as Web Presence - Gartner

Gartner even suggests that we are entering a sort of "Golden Age of APIs,” and recommends treating a public Web API as a key component of your Web strategy, not as a bolt-on to an existing project and manage the API with the same care you would your enterprise Web presence.

Tweet this - @SmartBear - @Gartner_inc says, Treat a public Web API as a key component of your Web strategy http://ht.ly/aNSCa #APIquality

But…wait… there's something even more important about APIs as it relates to user experience!

While it is commonly accepted today that users expect Web page response times to be in the one to three second range, the tolerances for operational availability, consistency and performance are much, much tighter for APIs.  This is because there are often many API requests (social, advertising, mapping, 3rd-party content) that are fulfilled at part of the overall application user experience and thus each one must be sub-sub-sub second in order to not impact overall user experience.

What do you think?

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