API Strategy & Practice: The World is Ready for Ready! API
Test and Monitor | Posted October 02, 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of attending API Strategy & Practice. The conference offered great content with heavy-hitting speakers and some great technical sessions, but most notably for me I was excited to formally announce Ready! API to the world.  For those not familiar with our gripping news that SmartBear has been working on for months… we have revamped SoapUI Pro and are announcing the launch of the new Ready! API platform.

There were multiple reasons for this launch, with the most major including:

  • A chance for us to step back and update the user interface.  We took an established SoapUI product with all of its incredible functionality added over the years, and placed those features in a user-friendly way in Ready! API.  Now the benefits of features like environments, event filters, service virtualization, etc. are immediately visible.
  • Drive the message that our solution is for more than just SOAP.  We test REST, JMS, JDBC and AMF with future plans to support an even wider range of APIs.

It was incredible to get the positive feedback from the API community.  After demoing the Ready! API it was reaffirming to hear other people get excited and pick up on the newly-offered features. More importantly, we were able to celebrate API readiness with an exclusive launch party.

[caption id="attachment_20544" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Obviously I needed a cool hat to celebrate the launch.[/caption]

One major aspect of the Ready! API platform is its extensibility with plugins.  Ole, the legend of SmartBear who originally created SoapUI, conducted a very informative session on the plugin architecture.  You can find the recording of the session here, with the slides available here.

In parallel to announcing Ready! API at the API Strat conference, we also hosted a Hacker’s Meetup in Chicago’s 1871 incubator.  The session itself can be viewed here, where you can see our gracious host Shachar of Bad Testing gathered some great minds of Chicago to review and provide feedback on Ready! API.


For the final day of the session my colleague Paul Bruce (@paulsbruce) conducted an in-depth presentation titled “Your API’s Performance is a Feature, not a Test!”  In his presentation, Paul drove home a great point that performance of your API is not an afterthought or a result of your code; good performance is an instrumental feature that you should be mindful throughout every lifecycle for your API.

In the end, Chicago left a great impression with grandiose architecture, friendly people and excellent conversations.  API Strat attendees extended a really warm welcome and it is always great to see the friendly, collaborative API folks. Until next year!


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