New LoadNinja Updates: Geographic Distribution of Load
Test and Monitor | Posted July 24, 2019

With the latest LoadNinja updates, you’ll be able to see exactly how your web application performs in different areas of the world, run longer load tests, and have an easier time accessing important information you need from your tests.  

Analyze application performance across different geographies. You’ll want peace of mind that your application renders, meets SLAs and behaves as expected no matter where it’s being accessed. With our latest update, you’ll be able to record scripts and distribute loads across different regions of the world.

Download CSV data of test reports. You can now download granular data across different KPIs, such as transaction duration and navigation timings for every single virtual user run in the load test. This can let you flexibly visualize the test run data and present them to your stakeholders.

Support for native JS dialogs. Many web applications rely on native JS dialogs like alerts, prompts and confirmations to notify users and guide them forward in the application. LoadNinja now supports recording and load testing transactions with native JS dialogs. 

Improved ability to record new steps/ actions in stepsLoadNinja is making it even easier for you to record new steps. With our latest update, you’ll now be able to insert new steps and actions in existing scripts without seeing the immediate, existing steps getting overwritten. 

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