Announcing MeetUI - SoapUI's First User Conference

Yep, that's right. MeetUI by SmartBear, our first ever user conference for SoapUI Pro and Open Source users around the world, will take place on May 23 in our lovely Stockholm office (and online)!

Attendees of this half-day conference are invited to partake in a variety of activities, including awesome speakers, live demos, a Q&A with members of the SmartBear development team, roundtable discussion and (of course) plenty of drinks.

MeetUI is an opportunity for users to provide feedback on our tools, but also to get hands-on learning opportunities, tips and tricks from other SoapUI users, and learn from renowned software testers and Agile experts from around the globe.

And the best part? We won't make you fly 3,000 miles to our Stockholm office to take part in this one-day conference. For those of you who aren't located in a Nordic country (or for our Swedish friends who can't get the day off from work) we'll be live streaming all of the presentations so that you can enjoy the whole event from the comfort of your own monitor.

Excited yet?

You will be once you hear about the MeetUI speakers! We're thrilled to welcome Spotify test manager Kristian Karl, Agile coach Peter Antman, SoapUI super user Per Åkerberg, and manual and automated testing expert Ulrika Malmgren. Here's a sneak peek: 

“How Spotify Does Test Automation” 

Speaker: Kristian Karl

Want to know how Spotify does test automation? This is your chance! Kristian will share Spotify’s experience with test automation from the past two years. Beyond just the tools, working with test automation (not unit tests) has its challenges, he says. Kristian’s talk will cover:

  • Separation of Test Design and Implementation
  • Automation of Mobiles, Desktop and Web Clients
  • Handling of Test Data and Test Results.
  • Demos

“Committing to Quality as a Team” 

Speaker: Ulrika Malmgren

Quality is the result of team commitment. Ulrika discusses her vision for a world in which testers are involved in the development process and programmers eagerly invite them to be participating. This, Ulrika argues, is the recipe for effective and high quality software. Let’s get inspired!

“The Tester is Dead, Long Live the Tester!” 

Speaker: Jonas Hermansson

Jonas argues that testers who do not have deep technical knowledge of their business will lose their jobs in the near future. A modern testers need to have an understanding of both the business and technology in order to become an irreplaceable cog in the machine. A tester’s purpose is not only to perform tests, but also to coach the whole team to take responsibility for test work.

Click here to read more about the featured sessions. 

Along with all of these presentations, Niclas Reimertz, co-creator of SoapUI, will be moderating a round table discussion “Using Tools or Being Tools?” Are software professionals too reliant on tools? This discussion will also feature Peter Antman, Jonas Hermansson and, maybe, you!

Join the discussion on Twitter using #MeetUI2013. The top 10 tweeters online during the event will win a free t-shirt from SoapUI. See you there!

Click here to register for MeetUI (online or in-person).

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