AlertSite integrates with Akana to bring you end-to-end view of API performance
Test and Monitor | Posted November 17, 2015

APIs are powerful. You can be an API provider, a consumer or most likely both. The APIs you consume bring data and services to your applications, drive traffic and accelerate internal projects. The APIs you provide bring you revenue, increase footprint and open a path to innovation. APIs are the foundation of any IoT, mobile or digital strategy. Large enterprises are opening up their data though APIs, unleashing the creativity of partner and 3rd party developers. However it all falls apart when your APIs are performing poorly.

APIs are part of your company’s persona. Companies like Expedia, Salesforce and Evernote make majority of their revenue from APIs. Poorly performing API can reduce adoption, increase negative branding, finally hitting the bottom line. Since one API can affect many applications or application components, API failures often are the most critical failures. And who is to blame when something doesn’t work for your customers? Is it your fault of theirs? What you need here is an end to end understanding of your API performance.  AlertSite is proud to partner with Akana to bring you 360 degree view of your API performance.

Inside – out view with Akana

Companies that deal with APIs know that security, scalability, socialization, monitoring and analytics are key capabilities needed for a successful API program.   Akana’s API Management Platform provides these capabilities and accelerates digital transformation – giving you the peace of mind that your data is well protected.  The platform also provides insight into your APIs’ performance and business impact from an inside-out perspective.   The monitoring and analytical data gathering is being performed from within your network, meaning at the source of where the capability is being delivered.   This is vital because you need to know what is happening with your APIs from the inside to figure out what they are doing to external consumers, which is crucial for your API strategy.

Outside – in view with AlertSite

Once you have your API Platform established and your APIs are secured, scaled, and monitored from an internal perspective, now it is time to tune the customer experience. It is time to become even more proactive to issues and know the problems with your API before your customers do, even if they aren’t your problem. AlertSite synthetic monitoring platform enables you to monitor availability, performance and functional correctness of your APIs.  AlertSite is a unified platform to monitor web and mobile applications as well as the underlying APIs. So you can correlate the API performance to application performance, and get actionable insights. AlertSite’s independent network of over 340 nodes across global locations helps you identify issues before they impact your end users.  It’s tight integration with SmartBear’s API testing and readiness tools such as SoapUI, SoapUI NG Pro and Ready!API, allows you to reuse functional tests created in dev and test to monitor APIs, reducing rework and increasing collaboration.

End to end view of API performance

AlertSite is integrated with the Akana’s Community Manager to give you a complete, end-to-end view of how well your API is performing through one user interface.   You get robust monitoring internally and externally. The Akana platform offers inside- out monitoring and analytics. Add to that AlertSite’s global monitoring reach for the outside-in.   Below is an example of the analytic data brought back from AlertSite and displayed inside Akana’s Community Manager.   As an API Provider, you can quickly understand how well your API is performing locally and globally through an integrated experience and you are able to take actions.

AlertSite provides APIs to retrieve the performance data. This data can then be displayed in a Community Manager widget similar to the one shown above.   The integration is available under an Apache 2 license and can be found at   You may customize this widget or create your own widgets for inside Community Manager depending on what type of view you would like to see.




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