AlertSite Customer Care: Putting the "S" in SmartBear

Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes.

At 3 a.m., a great deal of things go bump in the night, and unfortunately, your business applications are no exception. While we may not be official members of the Justice League and haven’t hired a man named Clark Kent, we do stay up at all hours of the night monitoring business critical applications and APIs to make sure there aren’t any evil forces taking down your performance. This Thanksgiving season, we’d like to shed some light on some of the true superheroes of SmartBear, the individuals working behind the scenes to make sure that every performance monitoring issue is resolved – our AlertSite Customer Care Team.

Meet Scott Jeffries,

Customer Support Engineer

Coconut Creek, Florida

Favorite Candy: Anything Chocolate

Favorite Movie: Crossroads (1986)

As part of AlertSite’s Customer Care team, Scott works with directly with our customers to make sure everything is going smoothly. Even in the early hours of the morning— 3a.m. on Sunday to be exact— Scott sprang into action when a customer received alerts about multiple websites triggering errors. He looked at the alerts they received and then at their account to help remediate the issue.

After analyzing the alerts and their account, Scott recalls that it, “was pretty obvious to me right away that this was not an AlertSite issue, but I still tried to help them figure it out. I contacted an off-hours Operations Engineer for them, just to confirm that there weren’t any unscheduled updates, maintenance, etc. being performed at the moment. I looked into the reports to find the responding IPs and found they were using a third-party content delivery network (CDN). The [customer’s] network operations center (NOC) team was not aware of this at the time. Anyway, it took a little digging but that got them in the right direction.”

Our customer’s received performance error alerts because one of two things were wrong:

  1. The CDN had not properly mirrored the application server content on some of their global hosts.


  1. The CDN had servers in a cluster behind a Load Balancer that were not properly mirrored and responding to requests the same as the other servers in the cluster.

Scott’s identification of the third-party content delivery network helped steer our customers directly to the problem, one they had not realized was even a possibility. The third-party CDN was an underlying, inconspicuous issue that affected the performance and availability of their applications, and Scott, SmartBear Superhero, was ready to face the issue head on. The following Monday, our clients emailed Scott back saying his help was instrumental in resolving the issue. Scott is one example of our exemplary team of life-savers, mind-readers, or whatever superhero you many need to solve your performance problems.

AlertSite’s Customer Care team works tirelessly to make sure each customer has full visibility into their application’s health and performance. Since AlertSite monitors the performance, functionality, and availability of keystone web and mobile applications, as well as APIs, receiving an alert indicating performance degradation is a big deal.

We know that receiving an alert can be spooky, and we’re ready to help. We know the criticality of these applications and the threat that looms if they are not performing at their best, so we work with you to ensure you have full visibility into the health of your assets, even when it looks like a job for Superman.




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