Embrace the Evolution of Test Automation with Artificial Intelligence
TestComplete 12.6 Adds AI to Eliminate the #1 Issue Software Teams Have with UI Automated Testing
Test and Monitor | Posted September 18, 2018

Maintaining applications can be a painstaking, grueling task due to the complex architectures and workflows it supports that are intimately intertwined with critical business processes. Most software teams face significant accuracy and reliability challenges during the testing process that restricts their ability to test all the key components within their business-critical applications. Traditional automated testing tools still require manual effort by highly skilled and technical engineers to successfully scale test automation for highly dynamic and complex applications, leaving software quality teams understaffed and businesses vulnerable.

With TestComplete 12.6, SmartBear extends its position as a leader and innovator for test automation tools, eliminating common issues facing UI test automation.

Test Every Application with Object Recognition with AI

SmartBear infuses Artificial Intelligence to accelerate test creation, maintenance, and execution by introducing the industry’s first Hybrid Object Recognition with AI to detect and test previously untestable application components. The TestComplete hybrid engine seamlessly blends property-based object recognition that has been perfected over 10 years with AI-powered visual recognition to enable QA teams to build reliable, yet scalable tests. It’s perfect for validating dynamic data and properties found in business intelligence tools, mainframes, PDFs, SAP systems and other technologies.

Eliminate Maintenance Headaches with an Intelligent Recommendation System

Keeping up to date with application updates and enhancements that has an impact countless teams, millions of customers, and terabytes of data requires a faster, reliable solution. TestComplete 12.6 includes a new Intelligent Recommendation System that provides automatic recommendations to optimize test design and maintenance in real-time. TestComplete will auto-detect unused objects and application updates to request an ‘Intelligent Update’ with a single click or during runtime.

Support Modern Web Frameworks

Easily test popular applications based on React and Angular web frameworks (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix and PayPal). Traditional test automation tools have found it difficult to support modern web frameworks due to its custom attributes. TestComplete 12.6 provides a leap forward for QA teams by providing an option to add specific custom attributes in project settings to test any modern JavaScript framework.

Other enhancements include more intuitive record and playback wizards, performance improvements, and support for all the latest browser versions and mobile platforms.

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