Agile Code Review - Fighting Bad Code with CodeCollaborator 7.0
Test and Monitor | Posted January 31, 2012

You asked for it and we’ve been listening! We’re unleashing our best code review tool ever! Easier, more integrated, and more agile – what code review should be!  And we’re thrilled to share it with you!

Faster and More Agile Code Reviews

CodeCollaborator 7.0 includes a streamlined user interface, flexible workflows, and tighter integration to key development tools that make CodeCollaborator the most agile-friendly code review tool available. This new release enables teams to collaborate easily and deliver higher quality code fast while maintaining process agility like never before.  We’re happy to say that features in this release reflect the input of our development community members who requested more intuitive navigation and broader integration with Rational ClearCase, ClearCase Remote Client, Subversion 1.7 and Git.

In CodeCollaborator 7.0, we’ve made lots of improvements:

Productivity enhancements

  • The new user interface simplifies navigation and improves productivity by streamlining the process of performing code reviews through instant access to all review information.


  • Additional agile feature enhancements make developer collaboration and interaction even easier, helping all developers become equally skilled at implementing user stories during sprints.
  • Fortified support for distributed teams allows team members to become “virtually co-located” by increasing interaction frequency and simplifying review process steps.

Workflow enhancements

  • The ability to reject a review enables teams to track end-to-end code review workflow in a way that improves software quality and developer skill levels.  In rejecting a review, team members are able to impart additional mentoring and feedback that reinforces desired code review process and quality objectives.
  • Cascading custom fields enable enterprise users to align code reviews not only with products and versions, but also with specific sprints and releases so they can track defects and quality improvements with ease.

Integration enhancements

New integration enhancements instill CodeCollaborator with the broadest integrations of any code review tool.  In this release, we’ve include support for:

  • ClearCase Remote Client is now supported for the CodeCollaborator Eclipse plugin
  • Support for Perforce Shelvesets extends code review to shelved Perforce files
  • Enhanced Git integration provides review of committed Git changelists
  • Integration with reporting, bug tracking and other external applications using a new SOAP API

Minor Enhancements

  • Link conversation labels or a corresponding push-pin location to non-text materials, such as images
  • View review status using new participant grouping and status options
    • Use Participant grouping by state or role to view who is active in, who is waiting for, or who has approved a review
    • Use Per-review materials status summary icons to provide quick access to per-reviewer status. By placing the cursor over the status icon or comment label, users can view a pop-up of the per-reviewer status and see the user’s full name.

  • Performance improvements
    • Load the Dashboard and Review Summary pages faster
    • Better performance in the Eclipse plug-in with a new SOAP API

  • Group or Participant Review Security grants access to reviews based on participant status or group membership rather than a more restrictive option of allowing access to reviews only if the user was a participant and a member of a group associated with the review. 

Regardless of which methodology an organization uses —agile or waterfall — CodeCollaborator allows developers to perform code reviews quickly and easily.  CodeCollaborator is the one easy-to-use tool that improves overall software quality and supports an organization’s transition throughout the entire waterfall to agile continuum.

Be sure to join us for the upcoming Webinar, Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 1 p.m. ET: "Build Better Code with Agile Code Reviews."

If you have any questions regarding the release of CodeCollaborator 7.0, please check out the online help section of our support portal or visit our user forum for online discussions. Better yet, drop me a line and let me know what you think!


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