Advanced Load Testing for Rich Internet Applications - LoadComplete 2.0 Released
Test and Monitor | Posted December 06, 2011

Greetings all!

We are excited to announce LoadComplete 2: the new major version of SmartBear's on-premise load testing solution. And it has not even been six months since the first release! The focus of the new release is on automatic support for more Web technologies and data formats - with no guessing and no scripting.

Load Testing Flex, Flash, Silverlight and AJAX

The most significant update in this version is full automation for load testing Websites with rich Internet applications, such as Adobe Flex/Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and AJAX. Rich Internet applications (RIAs) frequently use different data encodings, such as XML and JSON, as well as binary encoded data formats, which typically require special handling in a load testing tool. LoadComplete 2 provides fully automated processing for most of the common RIA formats, including Adobe AMF, SOAP, plain and binary XML, and JSON. As with basic HTTP, LoadComplete makes it is very easy to view, change, and parameterize requests in these formats, using the graphical tree presentation for the data and the common point-and-click skills. No scripting, no hand-editing of XML or any other side files - it's all at your fingertips.What's more - it's all in one basic package - no extra plugins, and no extra expense for additional data formats.

More Automation for Load Testing Dynamic Data

We have also added a bit more automation for processing dynamic data. This is usually the most tedious and error-prone part of setting up a load test - figuring out which dynamic parameters that come from the server should go into which requests, scripting, etc. Now LoadComplete automates all of the data handling for ASP.NET sites using AXD files, as well as dynamic parameters in the traffic. For corner cases, users can now use Data Selectors to automatically replace an arbitrary fragment of an HTTP request with custom data. Pretty cool stuff!

Other Helpful Load Testing Features

What else is in the release:

  • More load generation capacity - each remote node with RAS can generate up to 400 virtual users
  • Faster processing of large data sets, particularly for long running tests (we are talking several hours)
  • Logging and presentation of decoded response bodies right in the UI for all supported data formats, which makes debugging scenarios 10x easier
  • Waterfall charts for all slowest pages in the Top 10 section of the report - this helps substantially with performance analysis and optimization of page loads

Get Started Automating Your Load Tests

For more details of what's in the release, please visit What's New in LoadComplete 2. We also scheduled a Webinar on Dec. 20 at 1 p.m. EST to show you many of the new features live and answer your questions - please register here.

Of course, you can always try LoadComplete free for 30 days and start load testing rich internet applications now...

Here is to easier load testing!


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