Accelerating Your Open API 3.0 and Swagger API Design & Development with Advanced Mocking
Test and Monitor | Posted March 05, 2018

Many teams run into the issue of unavailable APIs during the design and development phase of the API lifecycle.

In some cases, a QA team might be reliant on the development team for an API that is under development – essentially sitting on their hands before testing can begin. Other times, a team might be dependent on a third-party API, like Google Maps, which can be expensive to invoke or end up being throttled, resulting in a bottleneck in the delivery process.

These dependencies on services that are out of your team’s control result in wasted time, slower release cycles, and lost revenue – so what do you do about it?

A common, simplistic solution to unavailable APIs and web services is the concept of mocking. It allows you to mimic a single behavioral response in order to simulate a specific development use case.

However, mocking APIs is challenging. Configuration is 100% manual, requiring you to go through the arduous process of creating new interfaces for each use case. Additionally, mocks are not re-usable, not flexible, and not easy to automate.

Enter service virtualization. A strategy that allows you to emulate the full implementation of the API and provides a more realistic, fully functioning simulated environment that is more robust than just mocking because you can simulate dynamic responses.

For teams designing and developing their APIs with the Open API 3.0 specification, or the Swagger specification, ServiceV Pro makes it easy to advance your mocking capabilities to the next level with service virtualization.

Tomorrow, our team of engineers will run two, live, one-hour webinar sessions on these topics. They’ll start by discussing the value of mocking, show you how to do it in SwaggerHub, and show you how to take it to the next level by virtualizing your REST APIs in ServiceV Pro.

Some topics we will cover:

  • Overcoming the limitations of basic mocking with advanced mocking
  • Using advanced mocking for faster development and testing
  • Quickly creating advanced mocks in ServiceV Pro
  • Sharing mocks with your users for collaboration with VirtServer
  • Use virtualization to create prototypes for Swagger APIs


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