A New Face for ReadyAPI
Test and Monitor | Posted November 12, 2019

Last year, we made a promise.

Actually, a few things happened first. Let’s take a step back. Last year, we questioned software experts around the globe via our State of the API survey. It gave us an opportunity to take a hard look into the user experience for ReadyAPI. For those who don't know, The ReadyAPI platform includes SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, and ServiceV Pro.

Results came back with tremendously useful data. Thousands of experts around the world chimed in and, among other things, confirmed that:

  1. Organizations are increasingly demanding faster results. From you.
  2. You don’t have the time or resources to keep up.

While this isn’t an ideal situation, this problem lines up perfectly with the SmartBear vision: Provide tools that streamline your process, not bloat it.

This data gave us the go-ahead to work harder around making a tool that truly helps you deliver software faster.

Just One More Thing

There was additional information. As we questioned further, your feedback gave us more insight into how you use ReadyAPI every day. And while we learned it’s a great tool that does exactly what you need it to, there was a loud, general consensus that it was also… a bit complicated. That it took beginners some time to learn, and there was a lot involved in getting some of the work done.

We took this as a challenge. We realized our next step needed to focus on how you use the tool, rather than what you’re using it for.

We knew it should be more efficient, but didn’t know where to start. So, we started talking to users to pin down where the roadblocks were.

“How are you using it daily?”

“Where are your pain points?”

“Is it clear to everyone that certain functionalities existed?”

“Are your main tasks standardized and intuitive, or do you have to go through a process of remembering them each time?”

Make It Better

Here’s when we made our promise. When the answers came back, we knew we had work to do. So we committed to making big UX improvements.

For research, we dug in with a whole new set of questions and people. We talked to users. We talked to their bosses. We talked to the experts. We talked to new-bees.

From here we defined our goal: Reduce cognitive load and make it simpler for you to get things done, faster.

To reach that goal, we broke it down into three approaches:

  • Simplify
    Get more work done with less clicks.
  • Integrate
    Merge seamlessly with your current development process. Then elevate it.
  • Automate
    Leverage technologies like A.I. to get things done quickly, and amplify what’s already done.

We started with wireframes, then moved to interactive mockups – at each step sharing it with users for feedback. No guesswork was involved. We watched them use the tool and asked them questions while they did it. We wanted to see what needed to be explained – and what came across intuitively. Our UX team took what we learned from that exercise and created a new interface. From there, we figured out ways to prune the user experience further. Make it more seamless.

In simplifying the interface, we also consulted experienced users. Our second biggest concern was that this undertaking would negatively affect our base customers and disrupt their current workflow. We couldn’t have that.

It wasn’t easy. And as a company that prides itself on efficiency, it was humbling. We had to ensure our pre-conceived notions were held back in light of actual customer feedback.

Get Ready

And now we’re here. We embarked on this journey 15 months ago. After a lot of user-centric research, we have a customer-centric tool. Cleaner. More cohesive. Something we’re excited to share with you, that amplifies your process. Because it’s built the way you build things.

We made promises. We kept them.

Now go try it out for yourself.


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