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How to Address Arrays With String Indexes

Arrays are an essential part of scripting, but integer indexes aren't very descriptive, for...

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change, here's a testing parody song from 1995...Newsgroups: rec.humor...

TestComplete Tips: Checking if Web Page Contains Specific Text

When testing web pages you often need to check if a web page containsspecific text before...

TestComplete Tips: Finding an Image on a Web Page

Web page tests often require image checks. You might want to verify that the page load was good...

Data Driven Testing Tutorial Part 2

In the previous installment of this tutorial, you learned how to create data sources and use the...

TestComplete 5 Sneak Peek: Name Mapping Improvements

TestComplete 5 is currently under development, the information contained in this article is not...

TestComplete Tip: Parsing HTML Tables

TestComplete provides scripting access to web page elements as well as to their attributes...

.NET Framework 3 Support

About a week ago Microsoft announced the release of .NET Framework 3. The new version introduces...
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