7 Habits of Highly Effective APIs
Test and Monitor | Posted March 21, 2013

I recently presented this slide deck at the API Strategy & Practice Conference in New York, and because everyone at the conference was abuzz about making their APIs as effective as possible, I thought it would be valuable for a larger audience on the SmartBear blog. With APIs moving to center-stage for many businesses and technology teams today, it is becoming increasingly important to know what really matters when implementing your API strategy.

Of course, there are some obvious aspects of your API that appeal to both the technological and business needs of your API customers.

These slides outline some of those obvious aspects, but also touch upon some of the not-so-obvious, which - if utilitzed - could really give your API a head-up on the competition. My purpose is not to ignore the fundamental building blocks for useful APIs (authorization, security, versioning, etc.), but rather to highlight some of those additional points that may make adoption and usage of your APIs the wonderful experience you want it to be.

Good luck and enjoy!

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