50 Shades of Fail
Test and Monitor | Posted February 22, 2013

Building software is hard. Building high-quality software is even harder. And doing either on a tight budget and increasingly limited time is nearly impossible! Truthfully, there are so many more ways to fail in this industry than to succeed. But failing isn't always a bad thing. Often times we can learn from our own failures as well as those at other companies.

This slideshare presentation, created by Ulrika Park, Scrum master at SmartBear-Sweden, highlights 50 (yes 50) different complications, delays and missteps that often arise at every step along the process, from conception to launch.

After browsing through Ulrika's slides, feel free to give your input on any common (or not-so-common) failures that you think should be included.



About the author

Ulrika Park

ScrumMaster @SmartBear

I have been developing software in different roles for 15 years. In 2005, I first started to work with Scrum, Extreme Programming and other Agile methods. For me that was something real to hold onto: usable guiding principles, practices & rules, something else than the abstract document-heavy project models I had learned before. The built-in practice of continuous learning in all these agile methods is something that I believe in and have seen create high performing teams and delight customers in different contexts.

Today I work as a ScrumMaster in one of SmartBears product development teams.  


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