5 Things We Learned from STARWEST Attendees
Test and Monitor | Posted October 09, 2012

The SmartBear team has returned from STARWEST 2012, where more than 1,000 software testers crowded into the Disneyland Hotel, not for a photo opp with Mickey Mouse, but for the opportunity to become testing rockstars! Attendees heard from experts like Johanna Rothman, Jonathan Kohl, and Michael Bolton. We heard from the attendees. 

In between sessions, the SmartBear booth was flooded with people. Our team of six did their best to answer questions and get feedback from those who are already using SmartBear tools as well as folks who'd never heard of us. Here are the biggest lessons that the STARWEST attendees highlighted for us: 

1. Testers are fun!

“Over the last couple of years, I have seen how the passion for testing and quality assurance has been on a wonderful rise - which is fantastic given all paradigm changes we have seen over this time (Agile, DevOps, Mobile, Cloud...)," noted Ole Lensmar, who presented on API testing on Thursday. "The testing community shows a drive to evolve and have fun at the same time that it can be proud of."

Between the scramble for stuffed bears (a huge hit at the SmartBear booth), new information on our testing tools, and the excited customers who have used TestComplete for years - we were overwhelmed! We couldn't help but feed off the enthusiasm of the group. It was so inspiring!

2. soapUI was a standout tool 

"I use soapUI! Oh, that's a SmartBear tool? Cool, what else do you do?"

This was the most commonly spoken phrase by STARWEST attendees at the SmartBear booth. soapUI is used by more than one million people around the world - we were lucky enough to catch a few on camera.

 3. The SmartBear message was heard loud and clear

Testers need a variety of tools to do their jobs. SmartBear, as it so happens, produces a wide range of development and testing tools to that meet needs in test automation, API testing, performance testing, production monitoring and even code review. SmartBear tools are easy to download, set up, and integrate into user environments, and we want to provide an improved experience over the large software vendors. The testers we spoke with were happy to hear that SmartBear can provide a diverse range of testing tools and our customers raved about our products - with a few suggestions, of course. 

4. Eugene is a Speed Machine!

While cruising around the Expo Hall, Eugene drove his Ferrari into Perfecto's giant green racecars down the aisle from our booth. He may be little, but that didn't stop Eugene from crushing the Perfecto team in a hardcore drag race. 

Photo credit: Aly Klidies, Marketing Product Manager, SQE


5. Twitter is a great place to meet testers

We love Twitter. So, of course, we were all atwitter about STARWEST before and during the conference. Turns out, we weren't the only ones! There's nothing better than syncing up with customers via social media - we get to hear their opinions and comments directly. We kept an eye on the #STARWEST hashtag to keep up on the speakers and trends of the conference.

Screen Shot 2012 10 08 at 4.50.57 PM

Screen Shot 2012 10 09 at 10.14.54 AM

Screen Shot 2012 10 08 at 4.57.57 PM

In the SmartBear booth, Ole gave attendees a coding challenge and asked them to tweet @SmartBear with their answer. @Legtronics was the first correct respondent, walking away with a R/C Bluetooth Ferrari (the same model that Eugene drove). @theokester and @Stephen346 also answered correctly and won a SmartBear hoodie. Don't fret, you can still take Ole's Challenge (for bragging rights only) on our Google+ page.  






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