5 Software Quality Stories on the Anniversary of the First Man on the Moon
Test and Monitor | Posted July 20, 2012

43 years ago today, Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous quote makes us think about the small steps software developers take to ensure that their companies can have dependable, quality software, which allows them to grow in giant leaps.

In our weekly mashup we try to highlight software stories with some useful nuggets to help us grow in small steps. Here are some "out of this world" headlines we came across this week: 

1. Valve launches Linux blog, officially announces Steam for Ubuntu - As a company that develops two open source products, soapUI and loadUI, we were stoked about Valve's plans to port Steam over to Linux Ubuntu. In their first article, the Valve Linux blog aptly said, "Big Things Have Small Beginnings". Now we'll just have to see if they make it in "Valve time." 

portal penguin steam for ubuntu 

2. Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Time
- Speaking of time, this article by software tester @noahsussman (and its follow-up) is an über list of all the misconceptions about time in development.

dark city time

3. Twitter Crashes with Commas
 - Core QA tester at Opera, @hallvord, shares how Opera chokes at 1019th instance of a comma while trying to parse Twitter javascript. Is that a Twitter snafu? Seems like these inconsistnet standards are rampant everywhere and what keeps us up all night (and employed).

fail whale twitter crashes on commas

4. PostgreSQL Rising
 - Postgres is gaining traction and giving "Enterprise" systems like SQL Server and Oracle a run for their money. Many folks don't understand why it's so interesting, but @robconery explains why in this awesome article on his blog, wekeroad.com.

5. Why Joining Yahoo Is The Best Thing Marissa Mayer Ever Did--For Google -
 There's a lot of unecessary, snarky articles coming out about Marissa. Yahoo! used to be a center for innovation and we'd love to see that come back - even if it takes some butt-kicking along the way! The big takeaway: one of us made it all they way to the top and, in this male-dominated profession, we need more prominent women in the limelight. We could not be more thrilled for Marissa's success (and huge payday).

The second takeaway is in the last sentence of this article: "[Google can spend] more time innovating products that the market truly wants." We don't care much about the soap opera, but we do care about good, quality products - just go build some already!

marissa mayer yahoo

Photo credit: marcusnelson

Any cool software quality/development stories you heard about this week? Please share them in the comments.


Main photo credit: NASA 






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