5 Mobile Development and Testing Stories to Start Your Day
Test and Monitor | Posted August 31, 2012

It's been a big week - better yet, a big year - for the mobile world. First, President Obama became the first presidential candidate to accept campaign donations via text message, then the jury in the Apple v. Samsung trial gave its verdict, subsequently awarding a lofty one-billion George Washingtons to Apple. 

With the mobile revolution in full force and constantly evolving, it's often hard to imagine what could become mobilized next: Political voting? Cooking? Software development? Hey, crazier things have happened. 

But whether your grandparents like it or not, it is inevitable that the mobile movement will continue to take over the world. So, in an effort to show our true appreciation for all things handheld, we've decided to dedicate this very special mashup to the ever-expanding, pocket-sized mobile universe. Enjoy.

5 mobile stories in this week's Software Quality Mashup:

1. Mobile Testing Summit 2012 - It's official. The leaders of the mobile world are coming together in San Francisco for one full day of total mobile testing awesomeness! Take a look at the speakers and just try to pretend you aren't giddy about all of this happening within 24 hours.

2. Create a Mobile HTML5 RPG - Do you have the urge to be a game developer, but lack the time and energy to build something substantial? This tutorial shows you how to create your own HTML5 RPG using the open source Javascript framework, LimeJS. Quickly create simple games that work regardless of your device's screen resolution!

3. PonyDebugger: Remote Debugging Tools for Native iOS Apps - Created by @MikeLewis and named after @Square’s in-house Objective-C networking library, PonyExpress, PonyDebugger is being touted as an open source tool for iOS developers. It operates as a client library and gateway server combo using Chrome Developer Tools on a web browser to debug an application’s network traffic and data store. Also note the Rainbow Brite-esque logo!

4. New Firefox Command Line helps you develop faster - As Kevin @Dangoor puts it in this blog post and video, this new Firefox command line is a truly "handy" feature set to help you control your developing tools and to quickly see how a site will respond to being viewed in a mobile format.

5. Survey Says: Mobile Developers More Interested in Creating iOS Apps than Android - Which mobile empire would you rather build an app for, Apple or Android? @EstherShein gives some really cool insight into why the answer may not be as simple as you think. 

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