4 Reasons to Try TestComplete 10.6 This Spring
Test and Monitor | Posted March 12, 2015

Learn how TestComplete 10.6 is different from Any Other Automation Tool in the Market.

Yesterday, we released a new version of TestComplete. Our product management and engineering team has added many new features which are definitely worth trying in this release. In this blog post, I will highlight just four of these awesome additions.

Integrated Graphical User Interface (GUI) and API Testing

TestComplete 10.6 comes with integrations to SoapUI, the most commonly used API testing tool in the world, as well as Service V and SoapUI NG, service virtualization and functional API testing tools part of the Ready! API family.

This integration is really critical since most applications today include numerous calls to APIs. If a tester wants to make sure their application works, they not only need to test the application’s GUI, but also ensure the APIs dictating the information presented on the GUI work as expected. In a modern banking application for example, the tester may be required to go below the GUI and test if customer information accessed from mainframe using Web services returns the right customer details. The tester may even be required to test third-party APIs like Apple maps to confirm the nearest bank location presented on the GUI is correct.

With this integration, functional testers now have an ability to go beyond the GUI layer and drive automated tests at the underlying API layer. They can as a result effectively test for business logic, driving the GUI and thereby prevent rework associated with late discovery of defects.  This saves debugging time as testers now can easily identify if the issue exists at the GUI or at the API layer. Additionally, a lot of back and forth that is typically involved when one team is developing the API while the other team is testing the GUI can be avoided. Finally, and most importantly, in an agile development environment, this integration provides functional testers an ability to create test cases even for web services or APIs that may be still in development.

Strong Commitment to Open Source

Recently we had announced integration with open source test automation tool Selenium, which has achieved significant user adoption over the past few years. With this release, we have taken our commitment to support open source a step further. Now with TestComplete, you can add, run, and report on API tests created using SoapUI, the world’s most commonly used API testing tool.

Over the next few months, we will continue to embrace open source testing solutions and build upon the testing benefits these tools provide.

Improved Support for Continuous Testing

There continues to be an unprecedented demand for delivering new features quickly to the customers. As a result, the length of testing cycles continues to shorten and the need for organizations to adopt automation practices such as continuous integration is becoming more and more important.

With this release, we have ensured that organizations looking to implement the continuous testing process using TestComplete face the least hurdles as possible. TestComplete 10.6 comes with a new plugin for Jenkins. You can now launch TestComplete tests directly from Jenkins builds. Executed test results infact get automatically updated to Jenkins

Complete Mobile, Desktop, and Web Solution

You name it, and we have it. With TestComplete, you don’t have to use different solutions for testing mobile, desktop, or web applications. With this release, we now support testing of hybrid, native, or web mobile apps for both iOS as well as Android.

So, do not waste any more time, and try new TestComplete yourself!



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