3 Resources to Help You Become a Better Tester in 2016
  January 15, 2016

Software testers have a lot on their plate in 2016.

Today, testers need to test applications across multiple platforms. They need to ensure they are meeting the high standards being set by consumers and app stores.

And they need to run an increasing number of tests — including functional tests, performance tests, security tests, and API tests.

This is no easy feat. The first step in facing these testing challenges head on is making sure you have the right testing tools for your team. But you also need to make sure you’re informed about the latest trends and opportunities in the testing industry.

To help you kick off the New Year, SmartBear compiled three resources to save and read in 2016:

The Tester's Guide to Cross-Browser Testing with Selenium WebDriver

Whether you are a software engineer, a tester, or a QA manager, cross-browser testing is critical part of your QA efforts.

Selenium WebDriver is a framework that can help you automate these web tests effectively, but where do you start? And how does it fit into your larger testing strategy? The spectrum of tools and tool combinations within Selenium WebDriver is so wide that it can be difficult to judge the strength, stability, and scalability of tools.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to augment your Selenium WebDriver tests with your own code or third party library
  • Implementing test frameworks such as Ruby, Java and Robot to drive Selenium WebDriver tests
  • Ways to add test execution reports with different reporting methods

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Test Management: The Secret Weapon for Increasing the Value of Your Tests

Getting a release approved and out the door is often more challenging than anticipated. Not only do you have to ensure the quality of the application, but it also needs to meet the specified requirements of the business. In order to do this successfully, this entails having visibility across variety of tests such as unit, regression, GUI, API, etc. and ensuring proper coverage exists for requirements across all these tests.

In this eBook, learn how using a test management tool can help your entire team by:

  • Enabling collaboration between the entire extended development team
  • Increasing test coverage of manual and automated tests
  • Helping you save time by combining your manual and automated tests into one test suite
  • Providing full traceability for all of your requirements and defects

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Peak Season Load Testing 101

Performance engineers know how critical it is that their web applications perform under load — especially during times of peak activity, when success or failure can have the biggest impact on the organizations bottom line. Learning strategies to help reduce the risk of performance issues is a key skill for all performance testers.

This interactive eBook will provide:

  • Why performance during peak periods is more important than ever, using the latest statistics
  • Easy strategies to measure and anticipate site load
  • Ways to monitor user experience under load using tools
  • Tips for analyzing the data from your load tests

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Bonus resource for 2016:

Catch up on SmartBear's webinar: Web Testing and Selenium: The Current State and Future Possibilities.

In this webinar, Dave Haeffner, author of Elemental Selenium, and Nikhil Kaul, product manager for TestComplete, discussed:

  • Web testing trends in 2016 and what they mean for Selenium
  • How is Selenium accommodating to these trends?
  • Traditional challenges associated with Selenium
  • How to overcome these challenges while designing test cases

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