SmartBear Community April Newsletter
  April 13, 2018

Are you looking for a community of professionals where you can discuss industry trends and resolve tricky technical questions about SmartBear products? You’ve found it! I’m happy to welcome you to the SmartBear Community.

The SmartBear Community contains ~80K members who are sharing their use cases. Today, I'm happy to share with you our regular monthly SmartBear Community News Journal and including three steps to take to become part of the SmartBear Community life smoothly!

  1. Join the new April Community challenge to win gifts.

In April only! We've started a new challenge. The rules are simple:

Earn Community Badges - they will give you community points and a chance to win!

During the challenge, we count the Community Badges for the following activities: create topics, submit posts, give solutions, and get Kudos.


  1. Congratulate the new quarterly Community Leaders.

Each quarter, we select Community Leaders who showed outstanding willingness to help others and share their knowledge.  Please check out the 12 new Leaders:


Want to become a Leader next quarter? It's easy- just post valuable replies and get Kudos from other Community members. On this page, you can find more information.

  1. Watch the interview with Robert Martin, the SmartBear Community Hero.

Last month, I was so happy to talk with Robert Martin (mostly known as @tristaanogre in the Community), the SmartBear Community Hero. Watch the exclusive interview with Robert to learn about his professional life and much more.


He is a TestComplete expert. He fell in love with all these automation things more than 20 years ago, and he is happy to share his valuable knowledge with all of us each day!

Want to watch more interviews? You can find them on this page.

The SmartBear Community is a holistic place for all SmartBear product communities. It unites questions in different testing areas and always helps you improve your skills and become an expert in the industry. Participation is free. You can join the SmartBear Community today: