SmartBear and Nanga Systems Partner to Bring Quality in Code & Document Review to EMEA Customers
  March 22, 2018

SmartBear is excited to announce a new reseller Partner, Nanga Systems, in Germany and greater Europe. SmartBear and Nanga will focus on providing companies in highly-regulated industries, such as healthcare or automotive, with a comprehensive solution for their peer code and document review. These peer reviews are a crucial component of the software development lifecycle for these companies because they improve software quality and enable compliance with industry regulations. Right now, most companies don’t have a standardized process for these reviews.

SmarBear’s tool, Collaborator, is the only enterprise-grade solution that can manage both code and document reviews in one central platform, while offering industry-leading flexibility and customisation options. Leading development teams around the world rely on Collaborator as a quality gate and collaboration vehicle, whether they are launching rockets, designing medical devices, or coding a major video game to be bug-free.

Check out Collaborator’s story for the Automotive & Medical Device industries. Nanga has deep relationships with companies in these regulated industries and will now begin to recommend SmartBear’s tool Collaborator to companies and development teams in the region.

“We specialise in the optimisation and implementation of ALM and system engineering tools, developing customised applications for our customers,” said Dominik Kassel, CEO Nanga Systems. “This results in a better development process and better-quality products and services.”

About Nanga

Nanga Systems is the IT specialist advising large corporate groups on issues ranging from their strategic alignment to their implementation of new products. Nanga Systems helps companies develop and implement innovative application lifecycle management systems and custom engineering solutions.

Office Locations

Germany: Stuttgart (Headquarter)

United Kingdom: Glasgow

Austria: Wien

Learn more about Nanga Systems:

“As SmartBear extends its presence in the DACH Region, we need to work with knowledgeable and trustworthy partners like Nanga Systems,” said David Binns, EMEA Channel Manager at

SmartBear Software. “We are confident the partnership will deliver huge amounts of benefits while helping bring quality in code & document review to Customers in EMEA.

We are thrilled to welcome Nanga Systems as an official Partner for SmartBear. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership!