Make The Transition From Manual To Automated API Testing Even Easier With SoapUI Pro 2.4 Update

  June 11, 2018

At SmartBear, we are always striving to create tools for everyone on the development team - that ranges from Product Managers to QA engineers to back-end developers. That's because, for Agile and DevOps teams to be successful, all members of the team need to think about quality at all stages of development - design, building, testing, and monitoring. The newest addition of SoapUI Pro doubles down entirely on that concept - making it even simpler to create automated API tests and then run them inside a continuous delivery workflow.

As APIs grow and become more common on the web, many objects and features of modern UI's are exposed via an API. SoapUI Pro 2.4 has redesigned API Discovery - allowing you to record API traffic going on in the background of an application and convert it into API test cases. This makes it super simple for QA and Developers familiar with manual testing to record their normal actions taken at the UI level, and playback all the API requests. API Discovery should cut down on the time it takes to catalog endpoints, create assertions, and then run at a scale that actually is beneficial to software teams.

Another big enhancement is the addition of a SoapUI Pro native Jenkins Plugin! Jenkins continues to dominate the open-source CI market, so making it as simple as possible to configure ReadyAPI within the UI was really important to our customers. SoapUI Pro can be added as a build-step, so no need to copy and paste code or add batch scripts for execution upon integration.

Our SwaggerHub integration also got a nice update! Swagger has grown to be the standard for defining and documenting REST APIs, so tight integrations with our SwaggerHub platform, for generating those specs and documentation on the fly, will continue to be an area of focus. You can now import private SwaggerHub definitions right into ReadyAPI, allowing for you to create automated API tests right from the spec, then connect data or create complex assertions for faster API verification. For teams using definition-driven API development, this just makes using ReadyAPI and SwaggerHub together a no-brainer.

Some other highlights in the update include native support for JSON Web Tokens (JWT), the popular method for passing tokens in REST APIs, some UI/UX updates, and expanded search through your test suite!

For a full summary and download - you can check out this link or attend our release webinar where we'll cover all of the updates in more detail.